The perfect balance between the city and countryside

Faubourg des Cantons is a residential development project offering wooden lots allowing for the construction of homes. Close to the city of Sherbrooke and all it’s services, the Faubourg offers a relaxing way of life right in nature.

Live the Eastern Townships life

The location offers an optimal balance between the proximity of the vibrant city hub and the abundant nature suburbs.

Whether your seeking adventure, enjoy life or easy going, you can discover our montain tops, chill by our lakes, enjoy our gourmet locations and celebrate our culture and creativity. Be a part of our vibrant economic life. A region to fulfill our biggest dreams!

Close to major city centers

Université de Sherbrooke
3 min
Bishop’s University
10 min
Dontown Sherbrooke
13 min
CIUSS Fleurimont
19 min
25 min
Ski Bromont
50 min

The Faubourg overview

Wooded lots of mature trees

The lots’ area is between 2 acres and 8.76 acres. The size of the lots offers an intimate and accessible environment. A haven of peace to make you and your family comfortable.

The price of land varies between $149 900 and $279 900.

Lot 01

  • 2.68 acres | 184 900$
  • Available

Lot 02

  • 2.90 acres | 149 900$
  • Available

Lot 03

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 04

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 05

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 06

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 07

  • 2.31 acres | 219 900$
  • Available

Lot 08

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 09

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 10

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 11

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 12

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 13

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 14

  • 2.07 acres | 154 900$
  • Available

Lot 15

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 16

  • Too late
  • Sold

Lot 17

  • 2.00 acres | 169 900$
  • Available

Lot 18

  • 2.02 acres | 179 900$
  • Available

Lot 19

  • 2.02 acres | 159 900$
  • Available

Lot 20

  • 2.29 acres | 159 900$
  • Available

Lot 21

  • 2.28 acres | 189 900$
  • Available

Lot 22

  • 2.32 acres | 189 900$
  • Available

Lot 23

  • 6.50 acres | 239 900$
  • Available

Lot 24

  • 8.79 acres | 279 900$
  • Available

Lot 25

  • 4.66 acres | 279 900$
  • Available

Lot 26

  • 2.03 acres | 239 900$
  • Available

Lot 27

  • 2.09 acres | 239 900$
  • Available

Lot 28

  • Too late
  • Sold

Our partners for the construction of your dream projects

With more than 15 years of experience and more than a hundred project, Groupe Desrochers Montpetit is a general contractor specializing in the design and construction of high quality custom made homes.

Our partner holds a AA rating issued by the Residential Construction Warranty (RCW), which secures buyers seeking quality and peace of mind. This rating demonstrate that the contractor meets and exceeds the highest quality standards and has excellent financial and technical record as well as overall customer satisfaction.

Excavation services

Faubourg des Cantons offers excavation services. Through our partner FMD excavation, well known in Eastern Townships is specialised in developping wooded lots. Based on your needs and required layout, they will work in respect to the highest standards and will ensure to protect the natural ressources of your lot.

Services offered for turnkey construction

Our partner has all the required professionals such as architects, designers, foremen, carpenters and excavators that will all collaborate to materialize your dream house from scratch and ensure project management all the way to completion.

  1. Budget, Schedule, planning and needs collecting
  2. Technical analysis, drawing and custom plans
  3. Layout plan and building permit
  4. Choice of material and design
  5. Excavation and construction
  6. Client service and countinous support

Let’s choose your lot and build your future house!

What if we talk about it?

Faubourg des Cantons

Faubourg des Cantons residential development

Chemin d’Albert-Mines at Hatley, Quebec

T : 819.345.3145

Would you like more information?

Contact one of our representatives, they’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.


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